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We know Kim Kardshian doesn’t approve of little sister Kylie Jenner dating rapper Tyga, but now comes a report that she wants to end the romance.

Not only that, she’s thinking about pulling out all the stops …

Why the Long Face, Kim Kardashian?
Photo via FayesVision/
Kylie Jenner and Tyga in Europe

According to sources close to one of the richest Kardashians, she’s willing to pay Tyga $250,000 to stay away from her youngest sister … forever.

Kim, 34, was first married at 18 (to Damon Thomas) and she really doesn’t want her youngest sibling to follow in her clueless footsteps.

“Kim’s terrified Kylie will get married and pregnant and throw her whole life away,” the insider said, but she knows Kylie is headstrong.

Hence the idea of going to Tyga, and utilizing the almighty dollar as leverage. Will she make him an offer he can’t refuse to hit the bricks?

"She’s decided to get him out of the Kardashians’ lives at any cost, even if it means paying him six figures,” a source close to her says.

Now, before you think that a mere $250,000 would just be scoffed at by a (sort of) famous rapper, consider the following points:

  • Some reports suggest that Tyga is broke as a joke and that’s the only reason Kris Jenner doesn’t want them to get engaged;
  • All he would have to do is dump her, cite some legitimate reason like his son, and pocket a quarter mill. Not unthinkable.

We’re not saying we believe this, just that we can picture it.

Of course, it would have to be on the sly, as “Kim knows they could lose her forever to him if she finds out" about the secret bribe.

Here’s hoping she doesn’t read this article then. Drama!