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For the past few months, rumors that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are getting divorced have been circulating online, and neither party has done anything to put a stop to the gossip.

Sure, Joel wished Nicole a happy Mother’s Day on Instagram, but he also called her his “friend” in the post. That sounds like amicable split talk to us.

Nicole Richie: No Wedding Ring
Photo via Patricia Schlein/

Now, there’s another sure sign of trouble for NiJoel, as Radar Online is reporting that Madden and Richie have put their house up for sale.

The Madden family has called the Laurel Canyon crib home since 2009, and sources say Richie has already scooped up a new $7 million mansion in Beverly Hills, but thus far, it looks like she’s the only one moving in.

The move is particularly shocking, as Richie spent the past six years putting personal touches on the property, and she’s been known to gush about the house in interviews.

Daughter Harlow and son Sparrow have lived there for pretty much their entire lives, so we’re guessing the family’s sentimental attachment to the place runs deep. Maybe there were too many painful memories?

On the upside, Madden and Richie bought the place for less than $2 million and they’re asking $3.5. Guess all those improvements of Nicole’s paid off!