Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard Launch New Business: How Will They Support Themselves?

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Two weeks ago, we learned that Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard quit his job as a tax accountant at Walmart for reasons unknown.

The timing was suspect, as Derick had recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with the company, rooted in their native Arkansas.

Also, and more significantly, Jill gave birth to the couple's first child just weeks before her husband suddenly ditched his career.

Jill Dillard and Her Husband

Many assumed Derick's departure had something to do with the Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal, which unfolded around the same time.

Perhaps he walked away in order to help preserve his in-laws' privacy, or to participate in the long-rumored Duggar sisters spinoff show. 

Today, the truth regarding Derick's decision to walk away from the Wal has been revealed, and in the end, it's none of the above:

He and Jill are entering the family business!

No, they're not they're not launching their own TLC reality series entitled 1 and Counting. They're spreading the word of God!

Radar Online has learned that Mr. and Mrs. Dillard have filed to incorporate their very own business called Duggar Family Ministries.

“This is how the two plan on supporting themselves since Derick quit his job at Walmart,” says an insider close to the couple.

“This new ministry has become their ‘Plan B’ now that it’s unlikely their reality show will be coming back."

Seems like a smarter Plan B would've been for Derick to keep his job and the accompanying steady paycheck and benefits, but what do we know?

Jill and Derick must feel that there's more money to be made from preaching their massive fan base than by sitting behind a desk at Walmart.

Not only that, their window of opportunity may be closing soon, however, with the molestation scandal and cover-up casting a pall over the family.

So, better hop to it #DillyFam.

UPDATE: Jill and Derick are leaving the U.S. for missionary work, they have confirmed, departing America for a foreign country in early July.

Jill and Derick's exit was confirmed by her sister Jessa Duggar, who posted a fake photo of their mission trip departure for unknown reasons.

Despite her misleading Instagram maneuver, Derick and Jill are leaving the country, and he has been openly secretive about the destination.

On his blog, he cites "security reasons" as the explanation for why he won't say where they're headed, but we expect to know soon enough.

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