Derick Dillard QUIT His Job For Reasons Unknown, Wal-Mart Claims

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Yesterday, it was rumored that Derick Dillard had been fired from his job as a tax accountant at Wal Mart.

Radar Online confirmed that Derick was no longer with the company, and as the 26-year-old is newly married and just became a father, it was widely assumed that he did not leave the job of his own accord.

Some went so far as to speculate that Derick was fired (or was forced to resign) as a result of the fallout from the Josh Duggar molestation scandal

Derick, Jill

Yesterday, the retail giant would offer no information regarding the end of Derick's tenure. Today, they issued a brief, vague statement, confirming that he did indeed quit.

From the sound of things, however, it seems that Josh's superiors may not even know why he left:

“Mr. Dillard did leave the company on his own, made that decision,” said a Wal-Mart spokesperson in a statement issued this morning.

Some fans have speculated that Derick and Jill might be planning to leave the country for missionary work, though that would certainly be an odd choice for new parents.

Others have suggested that Derick may be preparing for a starring role the long-rumored Duggar sisters spinoff series. 

Whatever the case, it's clear that Josh's highly-publicized misdeeds aren't the only source of upheaval in this once-stable family of twenty-one.

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