Jill Duggar-Derick Dillard Mission Trip Photo: FAKED By Jessa?

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Ready to leave Arkansas behind and spread the word abroad, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have left for their mission trip ... or have they?

Some eagle-eyed Duggar fans say the airport photo of Jill and Derick making the online rounds today is not what it appears. At all.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Leave U.S.

Jill's sister Jessa Duggar broke the news on Instagram that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have left the country for their extended mission.

Jessa shared the Instagram photo above, depicting her sister and brother-in-law boarding an airplane with their baby son, Israel, in tow.

Jill and Derick have their arms around one another, and it sure looks like the family is preparing to embark on a long journey together.

However, sharp Duggar fans are calling foul.

One tipster tells THG that the plane picture was actually taken a few weeks ago when the couple attended the ALIVE Christian festival.

Jill is wearing the same orange shirt in photos from the earlier event, while Derick has had his hair cut since the airport photo was taken.

So why would Jessa post the misleading photo and caption, asking fans to pray for Jill and Derick on their journey and follow their blog?

To divert our attention from that Jessa Duggar swimsuit photo, perhaps? Just kidding ... although that is worth a look, we're telling you.

Perhaps Jill and Derick, who recently started their own ministry, aren't yet ready to say where they're off to, and would've given it away.

Probably that. In a blog post on the Dillard Family website, Derick explained why he and Jill are being so secretive about their travels.

“For security purposes, at this time, we’re not publicly discussing specific times and places of international service,” Derick wrote.

Security purposes?

In any case, many fans speculated that Jill and Dillard are headed to Nepal, which was of course the site of their first face-to-face meeting.

El Salvador is another theory. S.O.S. Ministries, an organization mentioned on their website, has an mission trip scheduled for July 6 there.

Derick has detailed his travel preparations in great detail, save for where they're going and whether any TV cameras will document it.

Given that TLC still hasn’t decided whether it will bring 19 Kids and Counting back for another season, we're guessing no on that front.

As for why Jill and Derick are peacing out - fake photo or not - some think it's a sign that the TLC show is officially kaput, or will soon be.

Is that true? Yes and no? Seems like a gray area to us.

They won't say as much, but the fact that Jill's brother, Josh, was revealed to have molested Jill and her sisters likely influenced them.

This bombshell scandal sparked intense scrutiny, as reporters investigated the Duggars’ religious views and history like never before.

Perhaps Jill and Derick were driven to leave the country by God and God alone, but we can't imagine this didn't play into their thinking.

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