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After Blac Chyna sabotaged Tyga’s relationship with Kylie Jenner over Instagram, she apparently got her baby daddy dumped … and he’s livid.

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There is so much drama going on in this love triangle, it’s high school-esque … and not just because Kylie Jenner is 17 and should be in high school.

Tyga, 25, has a young son with Chyna, 26, but they split and he’s reportedly gotten physically involved with his longtime friend, underage Kylie.

Things have gotten so serious that Tyga had Kylie’s name tattooed on his arm, and has all but confirmed on social media that he is hitting it.

That hasn’t stopped Tyga hollering at Chyna for months, she says, posting damning text message exchanges between them on IG to prove it.

This was apparently enough to make Kylie dump Tyga’s ass, and boy is he pissed at the mother of his son King Cairo Stevenson now.

Blac and Kylie have been shading each other online for months, with the Women of Tyga firing one passive aggressive salvo after the other.

Eventually, the Instagram disses became less subtle and the tension boiled over as Chyna decided to full-on meddle with Tyga’s relationship.

If Blac’s mission was to break up Tyga and Kylie, well … score. But if the end goal was to get back together with him after the dust settled?

The move may end up backfiring on her.

Throwing subtle shade at Kylie in the form of cryptic quotes and lingerie pics is one thing. Putting Tyga on BLAST to 2.7 million followers is another.

Sources say he’s beyond bitter that she called him out in such fashion and that he’ll never forgive Blac if he loses Kylie for good over this.

Will it actually play out that way?

There are a lot of variables at work, as well as unstable, narcissistic personalities, and this soap opera is famous for abrupt twists, so stay tuned.

For her part, incidentally, Kylie reportedly has a hilarious nickname for the model and stripper who has infamously become her evil arch nemesis.

“She calls her the Blac Widow,” an insider says. “I don’t know who came up with that nickname, whether it’s her or Tyga, but that’s what they call her.”

Well played in any case, Kyga.