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Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital last week after falling and burning herself on a grill at a Benihana restaurant in LA.

Tori Spelling Benihana Photo

Spelling tweeted the above photo just before the Easter Sunday accident. "At Easter lunch with my amazing family and extended family," she captioned the pic. 

Witnesses say Tori was leaving the restaurant when she "fell backwards" and landed on a hot grill, badly burning her right arm.

The actress and reality star reportedly "shouted in pain," but it was not until later that she realized how serious her injuries were.

Onlookers say Spelling was spotted inspecting her burns outside of the restaurant, but she did not appear to be in any serious pain.

When her husband Dean McDermott took her to a nearby hospital, however, Spelling was informed by doctors that she would need to undergo several skin grafting procedures.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the process has already begun, and Spelling will be in and out of the hospital all this week.

Oddly enough, Tori has a long history of misfortune at the popular hibachi chain restaurant. Benihana is the first place she was spotted without her wedding ring at the start of the Dean McDermott cheating scandal.

Tori’s health problems have made news several times in the past year. In October, she was quarantined for a mysterious illness that she never publicly explained.

Some sources in her inner circle say Spelling’s eating disorder is to blame for her failing health, while others have accused her of faking her illnesses in order to add drama to her reality show.