The Biggest Loser Winners: Did They Keep the Weight Off?

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You followed their journey for months.

You watched them get screamed at by personal trainers and break down in tears in camera.

You felt their pain, you experienced their joy, you marveled over their incredible transformation at the end of each The Biggest Loser season.

But then you likely lost all track of them.

What happened to various Biggest Loser winners over the years?

Not all of them were like Rachel Fredrickson, who remained in the news for many months after conquering all pudgy comers because she faced criticism for losing too much weight.

Most program champions won, earned a sizable check and then sort of disappeared from public consciousness.

But we've brought them back! We've given readers an idea of where various champions now stand. Who kept the weight off? Who packed on some more pounds?

Who is unrecognizable from the contestant you cheered on way back in the day?

Click around above, be surprised/impressed/turned off and react in the Comments section below.

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