Rachel Frederickson on The Biggest Loser Controversy: I'm VERY HEALTHY!

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When Rachel Frederickson unveiled her 155-pound weight loss in just seven months on The Biggest Loser finale, jaws literally hit the floor. Or at least fell in that direction.

Jillian Michaels' reaction was priceless, while the 24-year-old's trainer, Dolvett Quince, admits he was as "shocked" by her appearance as the viewing populace.

"The first thing that went through my mind was, 'That's just too much,'" he said.

Rachel Frederickson People Cover

Rachel Frederickson tells People that perhaps she competed a little too hard, working out six hours a day in the three months leading up to her astonishing reveal.

"Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in training to get to the finale," says the contestant, who won $250,000 on The Biggest Loser, and who also defends her actions.

Asked point blank whether she has an eating disorder or whether she is too skinny as a result of dropping to 105 lbs., Frederickson replies, "I am very, very healthy."

Frederickson's progress was monitored closely, says TBL executive producer Dave Broome, who adds, "Rachel passed all the required medical tests ensuring she was healthy."

Ignoring the drama, Frederickson is proud of herself.

"I've officially found that proud, confident girl I lost," she says. "I was an athletic national-level swimmer. To have that athlete come back again, it's just truly an amazing feeling."

"I'm going to embrace the new me and continue this journey," she adds. "My body is going to balance and find its way with the new maintenance and it will be perfect."

You tell us: Is Rachel Frederickson too skinny?

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