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Last month, another round of reports that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are headed for divorce began to circulate online.

The couple has been married since 2010, and rumors of Joel and Nicole calling it quits have been around for almost as long, but this time it likes the rocker and the reality star are actually going their separate ways for good.

For starters, Nicole has been wearing a variety finger bling in recent weeks in lieu of engagement ring and wedding band.

Nicole Richie: No Wedding Ring
Photo via Patricia Schlein/

Radar Online reports that Richie wore no ring at all while filming a commercial in Glendale, CA yesterday.

Last week, moving trucks were spotted outside of Madden and Richie’s home and friends say Nicole has finally worked up the nerve to kick the Good Charlotte singer to the curb.

“Nicole has finally had enough of Joel and she is only interested in moving on now with her life,” a source close to the couple tells Radar. “She told him to leave the house and Joel has complied.”

“They have been living as roommates for a very long time now. The passion fizzled out of their marriage years ago and people close to them know that they have both been doing their own thing for quite some time.”

Bummer. But hey at least they still have their careers as…whatever the hell it is these two do nowadays.