Terrence Howard: Michelle Ghent is Threatening to KILL ME!

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Terrence Howard says his ex-wife Michelle Ghent is threatening to off him and his new wife, waging a not so subtle campaign of terror against them on Instagram.

Howard and Ghent's breakup was beyond nasty, and the threats against the actor (below) appeared serious enough that the LAPD is looking into it ...

Terrence Howard Death Threats

Investigators want to find out if Michelle Ghent is behind a barrage of Instagram threats, including, "I'm watching you! I'm coming for you ... LOL."

"You two won't live to see your children," boasts another comment.

The "you two" appears to refer to Terrence Howard's wife Miranda, who is currently pregnant with the couple's first child (he has three older children).

Another Instagram post warns her, "Your husband is cheating on you! Just thought you should know," and includes a shot of Terrence and another woman.

There's also a photo of a pill bottle, allegedly his, stating, "Oh dear, look what I found. Hope you refilled. It's one of the things you can't leave home without."

The LAPD claims in the search warrant affidavit, there's reason to believe Michelle is behind the Instagram postings, made from anonymous accounts.

The Instagram accounts have no followers except for her.

The Empire star says he's been getting nasty posts for a year now, and is growing worried. The police had a judge sign the warrant and are on the case.

Michelle Ghent denied she's behind the social media war on Howard, telling TMZ that the LAPD cleared her as a suspect after interviewing her about it.

The LAPD says it's still an open investigation, however.

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