Teresa Giudice: Getting RIPPED in Prison!

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Reports have circulated that Teresa Giudice's early release date will allow her to get out of prison and see her children before the holidays.

In the meantime, what else is an imprisoned housewife to do?

Work out.

Solemn Teresa Giudice

The former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has reportedly undergone a major body transformation since entering prison earlier this year.

An insider told Radar Online that her body is so ripped that fans might not recognize the mother of four when she gets out.

“Teresa’s body is sick now and she is all muscular,” and she is “working out after every single meal now, religiously,” the insider claims.

Teresa is serving an 18-month sentence for fraud and “is currently working a super cushy job wiping off tables in the kitchen.”

Her leisurely job allows her time to workout on the prison’s facilities: 

“There is a little gym at the camp and there are also exercise videos she has been doing. There is also a track to walk and jog, bikes and treadmills.”

Not everyone is psyched that Teresa is on kitchen detail.  In fact, the source claims, “Everyone wants that job and she has it, so obviously she has gotten heat about it.”

“But Teresa did not choose that. She was assigned that and a counselor had to approve it.  Someone must have gone to bat for her in there,” the source clarifies.

Despite that Teresa has been accused of special treatment, no one seems to mess with her (maybe they saw the table flipping episode).

“Because she is such a hard body babe now, no one will mess with her!” the source says.

“The other prisoners are finally giving her space and letting her do her thing now, which is a huge change from how they were towards her in the beginning."

"She has proven herself and has the muscles to show it.”

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