Young Cardinals Fan Throws Foul Ball Back on Field, Father Reacts in Horror

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That Philadelphia father whose little girl threw back a foul ball and became a viral sensation a few years back can relate to this St. Louis dad's plight.

During Saturday afternoon's match-up between the home team and the visiting Padres, Cards fan Jason Tighe snagged a foul ball from a San Diego batter.

He made a nice catch, to boot, but his son wasn't sufficiently impressed. Or was just confused that they could keep it, or just wanted to get in on the action.

In any case, when Jason handed the ball off to his son Noah, as any proud father would, the youngster threw the game ball right back onto the field.

The father's reaction, as you'd expect, was pretty priceless.

Fortunately, they got the ball back, thanks to Padres third base coach Glenn Hoffman ... although dad wisely pocketed the souvenir the second time around.

Kids. They say, do and write such awesome stuff ...

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