Lindsay Lohan Off Probation For First Time in EIGHT YEARS!

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Yesterday, we brought you the stunning news that Lindsay Lohan had completed her community service after nearly three years of deadline extensions and bad excuses. 

Earlier today, lawyer Shawn Holley arrived in court (Lindsay had already hightailed it back to the UK, of course.) to deliver the word to the judge, and she received some great news for her client in return.

Lindsay Lohan is off probation for the first time in eight years!

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Eight years! To put that in perspective, George W. Bush was in the White House; Entourage was on HBO and not at your local theater; and a spunky little Canadian named Justin Bieber was still more than two years away from releasing his debut single.

What we're saying is - the girl's been under the government's thumb for quite a while, and you can expect her to go wild now that she's off her leash. 

If you're reading this in London, we advise you to stay in your home tonight. Hurricane Lindsay is fast approaching. 

For once, we can't even blame the girl for drinking an entire country dry, as she actually has plenty of reason to celebrate.

Not only did she complete her service in time, she did it in stunning fashion by putting in long hours at a Brooklyn daycare center. In fact, Lindsay's lawyer claims she often put in 12 hour days in order to finish by today's deadline.

So good job, Lind. Now stay out of trouble, you little scamp! Oh, who are we kidding? We'll see ya back in court by the end of this summer!

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