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Is Lady Gaga pregnant with her first child? That’s the rumor going around and there are – allegedly – photos of the pop star to back it up no less.

Lady Gaga, All Smiles
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The fiancee of actor Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga was spotted with a baby bump on April 29, and rumor has it she is pregnant with her first child.

In February, Kinney proposed and Gaga revealed in an interview that she wanted to have “lots of babies” and couldn’t wait to start a family.

This also comes on the heels of a report last month that rather than wait for marriage, Gaga wanted Taylor to knock her up "immediately"

Judging from recent photos in OK!, it looks like she was serious … although plenty of celebrity "baby bump" photos turn out to be bogus.

Donning a "long and flowing dress and an obvious bump on her midsection" could just mean she just likes long, flowing dresses. Right?

Not according to OK! Lady Gaga’s recent wardrobe choices "seem to be about more than just fashion," the tabloid reports in its new issue.

The engaged star has "either packed on the pounds in premarital bliss, or she is hiding a baby bump," for what that’s worth (not a lot).

Sources say they saw her "billowing cover-up tied suspiciously high on the waist.” Suspicious, indeed. Now if it were a dress of meat …

Bottom line? This report is thin on actual evidence, but considering the fact that Gaga and Taylor are madly in love and just got engaged?

We can see crazier things happening. Just saying.

Of course, we can also see the "Born This Way" singer donning a fake pregnancy belly for kicks and trying to make that a fashion trend.