Kylie Jenner Uses Math to Shoot Down Pregnancy Rumors

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Is Kylie Jenner pregnant?

It's a question folks have been posing to one another for about eight months now, and it's one Kylie has finally addressed on Twitter.

By doing some basic math... and by showing off her svelte physique.

Kylie Selfie

“People been thinking I’m pregnant for 8 months now… CLEARLY I’m not pregnant!" Jenner Tweeted on Wednesday night, not long after posting the above photo on Instagram.

It's difficult logic with which to argue: typically, women who are one month away from giving birth do not look like this.

Because this is the world Kylie resides in, this is not the first time she has been forced to address false pregnancy chatter.

“I’m not trying to become a rapper, I’m not getting married & I’m not pregnant,” she wrote online in December.

Man. If only at least one of those rumors were a reality, huh?

We believe Jenner when it comes to the whole baby thing. Just look at that picture. Heck, look at all the recent Kylie Jenner pictures on Instagram. There's not a belly bump in sight.

But now we have another question we'd like her to answer: Are you engaged to Tyga?!?

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