Kylie Jenner: Not Pregnant, Not Trying Rap, Not Engaged

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Kylie Jenner would like to clear up a few rumors.

And, for a change, none of them have to do with her alleged lip injections.

Over the past few weeks, chatter around this 16-year old has instead centered around talk that she’s dating Tyga… and attempting to star a new music career… and oh, also, that she’s expecting a baby.

Kylie Jenner Looks Old

Is any of it true? We'll let Kylie's Tweet from last night answer that question:

in not trying to become a rapper, I'm not getting married, & I'm not pregnant....

Notice, however, that Jenner did not shoot down talk that she's dating Tyga? Kylie Jenner is totally dating Tyga!

That artist is 25 years old, of course, while Kylie can't legally vote, purchase cigarettes of fight in a war.

Members of the Kardashian family supposedly approve, reluctantly, of this romance, though that really should not come as a surprise, should it?

Kris Jenner, after all, not only approved of the Kim Kardashian sex tape. The whole thing was her idea!

Moreover... whatever, right? How much more of Kylie could Tyga really see than Kylie has already shown the millions of people who follow her (for some reason) on Instagram?

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