Kris Jenner Admits to Multiple Boob Jobs, Spills Other Plastic Surgery Secrets

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Kris Jenner isn't the type to keep many least not if they're secrets that she can profit from.

Kris has made a career out of sharing every embarrassing detail of her family's life with the world, and that includes opening up about the many cosmetic procedures that have helped shape the Kardashians' signature look.

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip injections (finally!), and today, Kris followed suit by opening up about what work she's had done in the name of beauty.

It seems Kris has gone under the knife several times, but not for the reasons you might think:

Yes, rumors about extreme Kris Jenner plastic surgery have been circulating for years, but it seems that with the exception of her constant boob tinkering, the notorious momager has had no more work done than your typical wealthy SoCal resident.

Now we're beginning to see why Kris got so pissed about Bruce Jenner's breast implants. It seems she just didn't want to co-parent with someone with superior boobs.

Check out the clip above for a full rundown of Kris' procedures and her advice for those thinking of having work done themselves.

Hey, say what you will about the woman - she definitely knows her plastic surgery.

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