Kris Jenner: HUMILIATED By Bruce Jenner Breast Implants, Source Claims

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This morning, we learned that Bruce Jenner may have had breast implant surgery some time within the past month.

The news of Bruce's sex change was confirmed back in January, but this was the first report of Bruce actually going under the knife as part of his transition.

From the start, sources stated that Kris Jenner was struggling with Bruce's sex change, believing that it reflected negatively on her as a wife and as a woman.

So it comes as no great surprise that insiders are claiming Kris is unhappy with Bruce's decision to proceed with his transition by taking a major medical step toward his new gender identity.

"The procedure was done two weeks ago and Kris knew it was happening," one insider tells Radar Online. "She is refusing to talk to any of the kids about it. For Kris, it's just extremely humiliating that Kris is doing this, and she is taking it personally."

The source adds that Kris is still "in denial" about Bruce's sex change, while his kids have been 100% supportive and accepting.

By now, of course, it's commonly known that E! plans to produce a reality show about Bruce's sex change, but from what we're hearing about close-minded response to the situation, we think a show about Kris learning that her ex-husband can do whatever the hell he wants might be far more entertaining.

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