Kanye West Gets Caught Smiling on Camera, Immediately Frowns

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Those in attendance at the Chicago Bulls game yesterday had plenty of reasons to be upset, especially after LeBron James hit a corner jumper at the buzzer to hand the home team an 86-84 defeat.

But that's not why Kanye West was all business in the stands.

The rapper, who shocked fans by performing “All Day” during a first quarter timeout, was clearly having a good time chatting up Scottie Pippen courtside.

This is Kanye West, though. And Kanye West does not smile, which is why he immediately turned dead serious upon noticing the camera:

Kanye was separated from wife Kim Kardashian on Mother's Day, but he more than made up for it with a couple outlandish gifts.

As Kim wrote about on Instagram, Kanye sent her thousands of flowers and also arranged for a string quartet to play for her at a restaurant in Brazil.

Kardashian was thrilled with the pair of gestures, which would be enough to make Kanye smile. One would think, that is.

But this is Kanye West, remember. The man does not smile.

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