FKA Twigs: Pregnant With Robert Pattinson's Baby?!

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Yesterday, FKA Twigs posed nude on Instagram, and while it's no easy feat, she managed to do so in a way that completely concealed her midsection.

As a result, the pic gave credence to the pregnancy rumors that have been circulating ever since the Twigs' sudden engagement to Robert Pattinson last month.

FKA Twigs Picture

Now, Star magazine is claiming that fans at one of Twigs' recent concerts "confirmed" the rumor by kinda, sorta spotting what might have been a baby bump.

"Many in the audience noticed what seemed like a baby bump," said one source.

The witness added that at an after-party following the concert, Twigs abstained from alcohol and "Rob was always around her, acting super-protective."

So there you have it. FKA Twigs is pregnant! Or maybe she just stopped by Chipotle before the show. Some of those burritos are roughly the size of a 4-month-old fetus.

Anyway, there's not much to go on here, but if FKA isn't pregnant now, expect her to be soon.

Several sources have stated that both Pattinson and Twigs want kids ASAP, hence the quickie engagement. 

Clearly, they're seriously devoted to starting a family if they're willing to give up on their careers as Kristen Stewart's ex and the woman who's engaged to Kristen Stewart's ex. 

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