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Christine Lakin of Step By Step fame says she would totally do a reunion a la the Full House reboot, but she’s not sure if her co-stars would also be down.

Christine Lakin Pic

Speaking with toofab at the  3rd annual Reality TV Awards in L.A., she was asked if she would love to see her TGIF family together again.

"I would definitely do a ‘Step By Step’ reunion," Lakin said. "I guess the question is, ‘Would everybody else?’ It’s hard, I think a lot of us are scattered."

"A lot of people have left the business and are doing other things. So, I don’t know how feasible it would be, but man, I would sure love to."

Christine and her on-screen father, Patrick Duffy, are still close.

"Patrick and I always talk about trying to find a project together, so we can work together again, because it was just too fun," she admitted.

"We had great times together," the 36-year-old adds, noting, "we’ll see, I have something in the works, so we’ll have to see if it pans out."

An avid Real Housewives fan, Christine can be seen (or heard) on Family Guy and as the host of CMT’s Party Down South. Seriously.

Lakin also worked as a choreographer on True Blood. Who knew?! See what the rest of the Step By Step cast is up to these days …