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Even though rumors of Christina Milian and Lil Wayne dating have been circulating online for almost a year, both parties still refuse to publicly confirm that they’re a couple.

It was less than two months ago that we were able to verify that Christina and Wayne are dating for real, and from the looks of things, they’re moving awfully fast.

Christina Milian Photo
Christina Milian: Lil Wayne Tattoo

Yes, Christina has some new ink that reads "Love hard…TnT." Christina has apparently named her alter-ego Tina Turnup and Wayne, of course, occasionally goes by Tunechi, hence the "TnT."

Especially considering Wayne’s history of banging everything in sight and losing girls to Drake, we can’t help but think that Milian may have been moving a little fast.

It would be one thing if Weezy got the tatt. Not only would it be immediately be lost in the jungle of his full-body ink, but we could chalk the decision to get a tattoo honoring a woman that he’s been dating for less than a year up to the fact that his brain has been rotted by sizzurp.

Anyway, Christina still hasn’t publicly confirmed that she and Wayne are an item, but she stated in a recent interview with E! News that the two of them "have a loving and fun" relationship," and she likes to "keep the mystery."

Sorry, Tina, but we don’t think there’s much mystery left after you get a tattoo in your dude’s honor.