Chris Soules Denies Whitney Bischoff Split Rumors, Embraces "Real Life" Post-DWTS

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Chris Soules and fiancee Whitney Bischoff are still going strong, The Bachelor star insists, despite recurring rumors about how they're on the rocks.

In fact, he says their "real life" is about to begin, and they're thrilled.

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Soules and Robert Herjavec were eliminated on Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show, an outcome he has mixed feelings regarding.

"My life has changed forever but thankfully I live in the middle of nowhere and can hang out there, be incognito for a while," Soules said afterward.

He won't do it alone, though.

No matter how many tabloid sources report that Chris Soules is breaking up with Whitney Bischoff now that DWTS is over, he says it's the opposite.

"Eventually she will be moving to Arlington and we'll be beginning our life there," said Soules, denying that there is any sort of trouble in paradise.

"I'm excited to just get back to what I'm good at. Dancing is not what I'm good at. I got as good as I could possibly get, but [it doesn't come] naturally."

As for Whit's absence on DWTS this week, which was widely noticed and triggered a number of the rumors regarding their romantic demise?

“I miss her,” Soules said. “But I think it’s healthy for her to be away ... [tonight] she's with family, it's actually the anniversary of her mom's death.”

“She's my number one fan. So I know she's there for me and when all of this is over it'll be nice to just be together,” said the 33-year-old farmer.

What is “all this” exactly?

For Chris, he no doubt means Hollywood and the fame and celebrity that go along with it. These things may appeal to some people. Not Soules:

"This is not real life. L.A. isn't real life for me. Arlington is and Chicago ... that's real life and we want to take that step and we'll make those plans."

"We're together and we're in love and we're handling this like two adults. She’s got a life too and she's got a job. She's got a career and she's doing that."

"We're making the best of a really cool situation that we're both a part of that's not going to last much longer," he said before he was eliminated.

"We're just normal people," Soules adds of himself and Bischoff, who as fate would have it, "are living a kind of abnormal life for a couple more weeks.”

No longer. Now that ship has sailed, and it's back to the farm. Think they will make it to the altar, or will "real life" make this romance really short?

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