Beyonce: I Am NOT a Vegan! I Wear Deodorant!

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In her foreword to Marco Borges' diet book, The 22 Day Revolution, Beyonce claims to have lost 65 pounds just by cutting animal products out of her diet.

Based on that description, you might think that Queen Bey has gone full-vegan, but in a recent "interview" with the New York Times (The Times says she blew off an actual phone interview and just emailed a statement to their reporter.), Mrs. Carter sets the record straight and clarifies that just because she eats vegan, that doesn't mean she is vegan. Or something:

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“First it’s important that you know I am not a vegan," Bey says. "There's a negative stereotype. You picture someone who lives in Colorado that doesn't wear deodorant."

Ouch. We're guessing people who live in Colorado are feeling pretty negatively stereotyped by that statement.

Despite that condemnation of vegans and an admission that she doesn't "really cook" Bey goes on to sing the praises of Borges' "plant-based" diet plan.

She claims that in addition to the weight loss, the vegan-ish regimen gave her a "noticeable glow" and even helped her to sleep better.

Naturally, Bey isn't gushing like this just because she wants her fans to be healthier.

Borges and the Carters have launched a meal delivery business based on his book, and with Tidal tanking, another failed venture could prove seriously embarrassing for Jay and Bey.

Long story short: 'Yonce wants you to buy her vegan meals. Will they make you look like Beyonce at this year's MET Gala? No, but they'll probably help you eat healthier.

That said, you'll have to give up bacon, so would there really be any point in going on living? Think about it.

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