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A while back, Beyonce decided to go vegan in an effort to trim down and live a healthier lifestyle. She didn’t talk much about her progress in the months that followed, and many speculated that Queen Bey had abandoned the plan because meat is delicious

Last night, however, Beyonce appeared at the MET Gala looking trimmer than ever and it turns out she’s lost an astonishing amount of weight by sticking to a very strict dietary plan.

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Bey credits dietician Marco Borge with helping her drop the pounds, and she even wrote a foreword to his new book, The 22-Day Revolution, as a thank you.

In the foreword, Bey claims that she dropped 65 pounds in just a few months by following Borge’s guidelines which which include a strict ban on meat, eggs, dairy, alcohol, processed foods and happiness. We may have made that last one up.

"The truth is that if a Houston-born foodie like me can do it, you can too," ‘Yonce writes. "Our hometown favorites were fried chicken, fajita tacos, BBQ burgers, BBQ ribs, fried shrimp and po’ boy sandwiches."

Okay, Bey, don’t make our mouths water while you’re trying to convince us to eat healthier. Our theory is that Mrs. Carter is gonna start talking about awesome food in every interview now to stop anyone else from losing as much weight as she did. Diabolical.

Anyway, Bey shared some new Tumblr pics recently (above) in an effort to show what healthy, natural weight loss looks like. Thankfully, it seems she kept some extra padding in all the important places.