Michael Phelps: Out of Rehab! Dating Nicole Johnson Again!

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Troubled Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps is out of rehab and apparently back with his old girlfriend Nicole Johnson, the former Miss California 2010!

Phelps spent his Thanksgiving with family members, as evidenced by the Instagram photo above, and Nicole Johnson, seen at the far right of the table.

Noticeably absent? Taylor Lianne Chandler!

Nicole Phelps, Boomer Phelps, Baby Beckett Richard Phelps, Michael Phelps

Noticeably present? Wine at the diner table.

Given that Phelps is obviously struggling with alcohol, it's interesting that they didn't keep it booze-free, but maybe he's got things under control as of now.

Nearly two months after Michael Phelps' second DUI arrest landed him in a treatment center, he's back on the outside and looking happy (and hirsute).

Phelps and Johnson have been together off and on since 2007, and according to Johnson, they're back on now, even going on a movie date last week.

Sounds like things are getting pretty serious ... at least compared to how things are going with Taylor Lianne Chandler, Phelps' (now ex) cougar girlfriend.

It was Chandler who was reportedly with him the night of his arrest, and with whom he had carried on a secret relationship for a period earlier this year.

The fact that she was born a man and that they traded text messages such as these may have had something to do with him wanting to keep it quiet ...

It's not clear whether the two were ever exclusive, or if they even dated for that matter. Only Chandler (and THG sources) have "confirmed" this romance.

Either way, it looks like Nicole Johnson is the only woman in Phelps' life now. They go way back, and Turkey Day with the family is a pretty big deal.

Here's wishing Michael the best in his recovery, and life. We hope he found what he was seeking in rehab and that he's come out healthier and happier.

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