Prom Proposal Fails in Epic Fashion: Watch the Awkward Video Now!

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Because today's teenagers have grown up believing that it's normal to share every freakin' moment of their lives on the Internet, the web is currently awash with videotaped prom proposals, or *gag* "promposals," as terrible humans are calling them.

Sometimes, things go according to plan, and a magic moment is captured for posterity.

Other times, the whole thing is horrifically embarrassing, just like everything else about prom.

Unfortunately, our friend Daniel's elaborate promposal falls into the latter category:

The best thing about this is, the guy learned a valuable lesson at a very young age:

Namely, if you're gonna go all out for some over-the-top romantic gesture, make sure you're not dating the type of girl who thinks over-the-top romantic gestures are totally lame.

Despite the fact that he looks like he could be your dad, Daniel is only 18, but he already knows the bitter taste of thinking you're doing some epic, straight-outta-the-movies, perfect boyfriend sh-t, only to have it blow up in your face.

Sometimes, the road to prom is paved with good intentions... and the anguished tears of your potential date.

But hey, cringe-worthy as it is, there are two good takeaways from this video:

  1. If Daniel stays with Alex, at least he knows he doesn't have to bother with the time-consuming romantic stunts,
  2. At least that lame-ass trend of people asking celebrities to prom seems to be dying off.

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