17 Most Embarrassing Prom Photos Ever

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We've seen the promposals and the celebrity prom photos. Now it's time for the 17 Most Embarrassing Prom Photos Ever

1. Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
If prom had taken place in the Garden of Eden...

2. Dayum, GURL

Dayum, GURL
We're really not sure WHAT the back of her dress says, but we're certain it's unfortunate.

3. Duct Tape Duds

Duct Tape Duds
Okay, so this couple actually gets a tiny bit of credit since making your prom attire out of duct tape can earn you college scholarships.

4. Busted!

Oh, yeah, he's totally looking there. Totally busted.

5. Borat!

This definitely goes on the record as the most ridiculous and embarrassing prom outfit ever. EVER.

6. Risky Business

Risky Business
We think Tom Cruise might be hiding behind at least one set of these glasses.

7. What the HELicopter?

What the HELicopter?
We don't even want to think about how long it took to do that hair.

8. Princess and the...Chicken?

Princess and the...Chicken?
Something tells us kissing these chickens won't result in prom dates.

9. Medieval Times

Medieval Times
This couple can joust, survive a rainstorm, and maybe even turn their outfits into parachutes.

10. Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead
At least these two are planning ahead, right?

11. Street Cred

Street Cred
Nothing says "total man" like Winnie the Pooh on the tuxedo vest. Nothing at all.

12. Aqua Net

Aqua Net
Who has the bigger hair here? The girls or the guys?

13. Mermaids!

Something tells us this is going to make it hard to get a good night kiss when her date drops her off.

14. Team Twilight

Team Twilight
Team Edward? Team Jacob? Why decide at all?!? TEAM TWILIGHT!

15. Camoflauge

We're told there are prom-goers in this photo, but we can't see them because camoflauge.

16. Can-Can...CANNOT!

This dress would make it a little hard to slow dance, wouldn't it?

17. Best Date Ever

Best Date Ever
This is...sad? Awesome? Hilarious? All of the above.

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