17 Most Embarrassing Prom Photos EVER, Seriously. EVER.

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By now we've all seen the promposals and the celebrity prom invites. We've relived the glory days of our youth and taken a look at celebrity prom photos

But baby, you just ain't seen nothing yet. Oh yes, we're talking about embarrassing prom photos. 

Some prom fashions are fantastic. Others are just unfortunate. And then there's... duct tape? And we can't forget the staged photos that leave us scratching our heads while chuckling under our breath. 

All of these have us asking just one question: What were they thinking?

Take a look at the 17 most embarrassing prom photos EVER

Timeless classics, every one.

And just for fun, there are more prom photos after the jump - only featuring famous people you might recognize, despite the '80s hair and fashion ...

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