Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: In the Hood

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We flashed back to a pair of different key parts of Robin Hood’s past on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 18.

Heading to Sherwood Forest back in the day, we watched as newlywed Robin of Locksley had trouble abandoning the thief’s life, while his tavern struggled to remain afloat.

As a result, he accepted a deal from Rumplestiltskin in which Robin traveled to Oz in order to steal the Elixir of the Wounded Heart from the Wicked Witch.

Upon arriving in this magical land, Robin came across Will Scarlett, offering to steal some elixir for his new friend. However, just as Robin was procuring the potion, Zelena interrupted his mission, making it impossible for him to grab a second vial.

Following this failure, Robin slipped his pal the elixir before he returned to Sherwood Forest.

Back home, he enlisted help from the merry men to ward off the tax-grabbing Sheriff of Nottingham and then explained to Marian his newfound purpose, one we all know well:

To steal from the rich and give to the poor, thereby making him a "hero." And she was totally on board with it.

Meanwhile, nine weeks ago in The Big Apple, Robin, Marian and Roland were crashing at Neal’s former place when Rumple came by, stunned to find squatters in his son’s apartment.

As you’ll note when you watch Once Upon a Time online, Rumple actually collapsed from a heart attack while yelling at them.

At the hospital, he struck a a deal with Robin: steal some Elixir of the Wounded Heart from the "Wizard of Oak" and Robin could stay at Neal’s place for good.

So Robin went to nab the potion, giving it to Rumple and then departing; therefore, he didn’t see that it failed to work. Why? Because an arriving "Marian" revealed that she swapped the potion with Nyquil. For what reason?

Because she is actually Zelena using a "glamor" spell!

Remember when Rumple supposedly killed Zelena on Once Upon a Time Season 4 in the Storybrooke jail cell? And her “life force” (or whatever) floated over to the barn where that portal had formed?

As such, when Emma and Hook went into the portal, the Wicked Witch went along for the ride to the Enchanted Forest of the Past as well.

Once there, Zelena used the glamor spell to replace Marian… who she vaporized. OUCH!

So... the "Marian" that Robin and Emma brought back to our realm/time was Zelena all along. Her initial plan was to rob Regina of her happy ending by getting Robin to fall (back) in love with "Marian," yet she eventually realized that wasn’t going to fly.

Now, back in the New York City hospital room, Zelena leveraged the real elixir to make Rumple add her own happy ending to his list of requests for the Author.

Got all that?

In Storybrooke, meanwhile, Rumple invited prisoner Regina to give her soulmate a call - and when she did so, Zelena answered, taunting her sister with anecdotes from her life with Robin.

As Rumple explained, if Regina refused to assist him and Cruella turn the Savior dark (thus freeing the Author to give the villains their happy endings) Zelena was just one phone call away from killing Robin Hood.

All of this craziness ended with fans having one question: Who will Regina choose to save and who will Regina choose to spare?

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