LeAnn Rimes Bikini Selfies Are Back! Desperation is the First Sign of Spring!

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Yesterday, LeAnn Rimes was accused of stealing motivational tweets in one of the strangest social media-based mini-scandals in recent memory.

Today, it seems LeAnn has learned her lesson and returned to doing what she does best - proving to the world that her stomach is flatter than Brandi Glanville's.

LeAnn Rimes: Facial Mask Selfie
LeAnn Rimes Bikini Selfie 2015

The LeAnn bikini selfie has become something of a summer tradition, and this year the singer Instagram celebrity is getting an early jump on beach season while enjoying Spring Break with her Eddie Cibrian and his kids.

To her credit, LeAnn captioned the photo on the right with "gratuitous bikini pic," so at least she's demonstrating a little self-awareness.

Of course, she also wrote, "I always have the camera taking pics of everyone else, so this is what you get." 

Riiiiiight. LeAnn is never far from her camera because she loves taking pics of everyone else so much. 

She seems to have forgotten that a quick scroll through her IG page provides ample evidence that her favorite subject is herself.

As for the pic on the left, that's LeAnn wearing some kind of facial mask, but that's just what salt-of-the-earth, regular folks like her do while vacationing in an RV, y'all/

Say what you will about Brandi, at least she admits that she's vain and self-obsessed.

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