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LeAnn Rimes gets accused of doing a lot of strange, sketchy things, but most of them have to do with her ongoing efforts to catch Eddie Cibrian cheating.

We can’t really blame her for that, because Eddie is almost certainly sleeping around

So the snooping makes perfect sense, but LeAnn’s latest shady antics are a little bit harder to understand.

It seems Mrs. Rimes-Cibrian has taken to writing little motivational sayings on chalkboards, then posting the photos on Instagram.

LeAnn Rimes Carwash Photo
LeAnn Rimes Chalk Talk

Yeah, the girl’s got a lot of time on her hands, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

The problem is that some of the sayings – which LeAnn has allegedly passed off as her own – appear to have been lifted from the Twitter account of a woman named Rachel Wolchin.

Wolchin is an LA-area writer and photographer, and apparently LeAnn figured she’s non-famous enough that her tweets could be stolen without anyone noticing.

Unfortunately, LeAnn has a ton of online haters, several of whom have called her out for stealing from Wolchin without giving her credit.

Is it a big deal? Not really. As far as we know, you can’t copyright a tweet.

We doubt LeAnn will even acknowledge this mini-scandal public, but we’re sure those who already don’t like her will add it to their already-lengthy list of reasons why she can’t be trusted.