Kim Richards: Is She Ditching Rehab and Blaming Dr. Phil?!

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It hasn't even been a full week since Kim Richards entered rehab, but according to sources, she's already planning to ditch the treatment facility and head home.

Considering the shocking details of Richards' drunken arrest, you might think she would have a hard time justifying her shortened stay in the 'hab, but this is Kim Richards we're talking about. 

The woman is a master of blaming everyone else for her problems, and this time, she's found herself a doozy of a scapegoat.

Kim Richards on TV

“Kim is blaming Dr. Phil for ambushing her during the taping,” a source tells Radar Online. “With her kids there, Kim felt increased pressure to go. She is blaming everyone and anyone for the current situation, including her arrest and rehab stay.”

Yes, Kim is blaming the man who's paying for her rehab for the fact that her rehab isn't working. 

"The Dr. Phil show is indeed paying for Kim's rehab, because Kim doesn't even have health insurance yet," says the insider. 

But naturally, the fact that she's getting a free ride hasn't stopped Kim from being the demanding diva that we've all come to know and loathe:

“Kim demanded a private room, claiming she was a celebrity. She refused to even consider having a roommate.”

The insider says that Kim endured a particularly "brutal detox" and now she's threatening to leave and saying that Phil's ambush is 100% to blame.

It's good to see she's making progress. After all, the first step is admitting that everyone else has a problem.

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