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Kate Gosselin has been giving a lot of interviews lately, which means, of course, that she’s been trash-talking the father of her children like it’s her job (which we guess it sort of is).

Over the years, Kate has become a master of subtle shade-throwing, and while she used to just let her feelings be known in shrill tirades, now she neuters her victims one tiny snip at a time.

She still hasn’t gotten any better at lying, however, but more on that later.

First, let’s get to Kate’s latest comments about her ex. Earlier this week Kate said her kids lack a male role model, which would be tough for any dad to hear.

(Although Jon just became a DJ at age 38, so she may have a point.)

Today, Kate doubled-down on those comments, claiming that the main reason Jon sucks as a role model is that some of his kids never even see him!

"Some of the kids visit, some don’t," Kate said in an interview with E! News.

"That’s for the best. There were many tears. Things that happened with my divorce were hurtful. I’m definitely a no-regrets kind of person. I’ve always done the best with what I had."

Gotta love that ability to take a question about the kids and make it all about her, right? The whole interview is pretty damn funny, and definitely worth a read.

At one point Kate says her celeb crush is Patrick Dempsey (Good luck with that one), but the real highlight is when she’s asked to describe herself:

"People think I’m mean and b-tchy," Kate says, presumably with a straight face and no trace of irony. "But I’m actually pretty laid back, and I don’t have an ego!"

(See what we mean about the lying?)

Kate Gosselin, ladies and gentlemen. There’s no one quite like her, and suffice it to say after half a decade of covering her, that’s a very, very good thing.