Kate Gosselin Throws Major Shade at Jon: My Kids Need a Male Role Model!

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There's been debate for years as to who's more awful at parenting: Kate Gosselin or Jon Gosselin? Well, Kate has stepped up her game in that undesirable competition.

Granted, Jon is a deadbeat trying to start a new career as a professional DJ, despite being 38 years old, but Kate's evil trumps his negligent incompetence any day.

How so? You won't believe the shade she threw at him this time ..

In addition to the many factual reports rumors of Kate Gosselin abusing her children, she insists on continuing to use them as pawns in her ongoing effort to become famous.

While sticking it to her ex, of course. Call it an added bonus.

Kate is forever airing her dirty laundry in public and trashing Jon in interviews, even though her kids have long been old enough to be aware of how effed-up that is.

At a certain point, you'd think she would realize that constantly degrading their dad in front of all the world might hurt her kids, but that's Kate Gosselin for you.

The latest Kate hate comes from In Touch, in which Ms. Gosselin opens up about her love life. (We'll give you a moment to wipe the vomit from your keyboard.)

“I would love to date!” Kate says. “I would love for the kids to have that male role model.”

Yeah, nothing ensures you'll spend your entire adult life on a therapist's couch quite like hearing your mom verbally neuter your dad in a tabloid interview.

But don't worry, Jon. Immediately after claiming that her small army of children desperately need a male role model, Kate reveals that they're never gonna get one:

“I just don’t have a lot of time to be out there…searching for someone!"

Kate adds, “I don’t know [if I believe in marriage]."

Yeah, how would Kate have time to date? What would she do, leave the kids with a teenage babysitter for a week? Oh, wait she already did that.

Damn, there's really no defending her, is there?

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