Johnny Depp: Missing From Film Set, Worried That Amber Heard is Cheating On Him, Sources Say

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It's only been two months since Johnny Depp married Amber Heard, but reports of trouble in paradise have been circulating from the moment they said "I do."

Reports that Depp and Heard are headed for divorce are becoming all the more believable thanks to a lot strange behavior from Johnny and some interesting chatter surrounding Amber's closest friend.

Johnny Depp in Tokyo
Amber Heard and iO Tillett Wright

Sources on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 say Depp went AWOL recently after returning home for surgery on his injured hand.

The film is being shot in Australia, and a newspaper there claims that Depp headed back from the States and failed to show up for a flight to Sydney last week. 

Of course, it could just mean that Depp is as disgusted by the idea of another freakin' Pirates movie as the rest of us are, but there's more to his recent weirdness that just a desperate desire to avoid that damn Captain Jack costume.

Amber's birthday is this week, and some sources say Depp is hiding out in New York and planning to surprise her on her big day.

Other sources say Depp is lurking in Manhattan so that he can keep an eye on Amber and her best friend, iO Tillett Wright.

Aside from having a first name that sounds like an Apple product, iO is known for her artwork focusing on LGBTQ issues, and her longtime friendship with Amber.

Amber (who was in a lesbian relationship before becoming involved with Depp) and iO have reportedly been spending a lot of time together, and insiders say Depp is afraid that Amber will leave him to once again dive into the lady pond.

That's Amber and iO on the right, and they do appear to be pretty friendly, but that kinda makes perfect sense, since, ya know - they're friends and all.

It sounds to us like Depp was initially attracted to Amber largely due to her free spirit, and now that they're married he's trying to keep her locked down.

Get it together, Johnny. Instead of worrying so much about your wife's whereabouts, you should be trying to track down your missing film career.

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