Giuliana Rancic vs. Kelly Osbourne: Are the Former Co-Hosts Still Feuding on Twitter?

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Yesterday, Giuliana Rancic appeared on Today to promote her new book and discuss the many ups and downs she's experienced in recent months.

One of the topics of conversation, of course, was Rancic's comment about Zendaya Coleman's hair on the post-Oscars episode of Fashion Police.

The remark led to co-host Kelly Osbourne quitting the show. Kathy Griffin followed suit shortly thereafter, and now the future of the show is in question.

Giuliana Rancic at the People's Choice Awards
Kelly Osbourne at the SAG Awards

But just because Osbourne and Rancic have parted ways professionally, that doesn't mean there's no more bad blood between them.

As Rancic was discussing the Zendaya controversy on Today, Osbourne tweeted, "Liars ALWAYS get caught."

Understandably, the comment was widely considered to be a shot at Rancic, and Osbourne has yet to say otherwise.

One source told Us Weekly that the tweet was "definitely about Giuliana" and confirmed that Rancic and Osbourne are "totally feuding."

The "liars" remark seems to refer to Rancic's attempt to blame the Fashion Police writers for her comment.  

Osbourne has gone on the record as saying the joke was all Rancic's, and that she used the offending line several times during rehearsals.

Osbourne claims she tried to stop Rancic from making the joke on air, but she was not able to do so.

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