Drake Explains Grossed-Out Reaction to Madonna Kiss

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While performing at Coachella last night, Madonna kissed Drake, and video of the rapper's grossed-out reaction has been making the rounds online today.

In fact, "grossed-out" doesn't even do it justice. Drizzy looked like he was about to lose his lunch after that lip lock.

Sure, it's not every day that you're subjected to a surprise makeout session in front of several thousand screaming fans, but Drake's reaction seems a bit extreme.

After all, Madonna makes out with everyone. What did he think was gonna happen when he invited her on stage?

As a result of his response, Drake has taken some flak in the 24 hours since the now-famous Coachella kiss.

Many felt that he went out of his way to embarrass Madge, but considering she was wearing a shirt that said "Big as Madonna" and shouted, "I'm Madonna!" after her ambush smooch was complete, we don't think her ego is susceptible to damage.

TMZ is reporting that Drake "loved" the kiss. Sources close to him say Drake wiped his mouth and shouted in disgust ("Oh, sh-t! What the f-ck was that?") only because he ended up with some of Madonna's lipstick on his mouth.

The rapper reportedly admitted that it was not rehearsed and he was caught off guard, but he insists it was the lipstick, not the lip-lock that grossed him out.

Some have pointed out that it doesn't look like Madonna is wearing lipstick in the clip, but we'll give Drizzy the benefit of the doubt.

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