Zac Efron Punches Dave Franco in the Junk at MTV Movie Awards

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OUCH! This simply had to hurt.

At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards last night, Zac Efron and Dave Franco won the trophy for Best On-Screen Duo, responding to the honor with a pre-planned skit that involved both stars dressed as Robert DeNiro characters.

Essentially reprising their roles from Neighbors, Efron started to thank their fans on stage when Franco cut in and referenced his co-star’s nipples.

The brother of James Franco went in to "milk" Efron's chest, prompting Zac to reply that he's "crossing a line" and then proceeding to grab Franco by the junk.

"Oh, no! You are NOT supposed to get hard," Efron said upon releasing his friend's penis.

That's the sort of lewd humor host Amy Schumer would definitely appreciate.

Incredibly, however, Efron giving his pal a crotch grab was not the oddest thing to take place at the MTV Movie Awards.

You did catch Bai Ling's dragon dress after all, right?

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