Dean McDermott: Tori Spelling, Marriage Are Absolutely Amazing!

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Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have been through the wringer in recent years, and just this week, she was hospitalized after a freak grill accident.

When it rains, it pours as they say.

Still, according to the author of The Gourmet Dad: Easy And Delicious Meals The Whole Family Will Love (seriously, he has a book out), all is well lately.

Better than that, in fact. McDermott tells Fox News that his marriage Spelling is faring well, despite his now infamous infidelities, and the future is bright.

Excerpts below ...

On the current state of things with Tori, post-Emily Goodhand affair: "Amazing, absolutely amazing. They are better now than before all of this happened."

"When something bad or tragic happens, people say 'what’s the message?' or 'what’s the good in it? And the good in all of that is that it really got the two of us on track."

"It got us to work on our communication skills ... it got me sober and in recovery and it changed our lives and together we’re stronger because of it and more in love.

On his sobriety: "If I look at my sober calculator, it’s one year, three months and 28 days. I go to meetings every morning at nine o’clock and I have a great sponsor."

"I’m working the steps and I have a spiritual program; I have a meditation program; I have a prayer program. I’m really working every aspect of the [12-step] programs.

On whether he regrets any of the insane drama we see when we watch True Tori online: "You know, if I think about it, regrets start to come up, absolutely."

"I don’t want people to ever see that side of me again, that realness, that rawness. I don’t think viewers are really ready for that kind of rawness as well."

"I think it’s uncomfortable for a lot of people because a lot of reality TV has a lot of real moments but I don’t think as real as some of the stuff we touched on."

"I think I gave too much of myself and exposed too much of myself and my feelings in a very, very vulnerable state that maybe if I wasn’t in that state I wouldn’t have shared."

"But I have to keep thinking, at the time it was really good. It really helped us because it expedited everything we needed to start talking about."

On whether he and Tori will do another reality show: "We are, but I’m focusing on getting back into acting, my first true love. I’ve been an actor for 28 years."

"The last eight years I’ve been mainly reality TV, so I’ve gotten away from it but doing a CSI last year, it really ignited that flame in my belly, so I’ve been focusing on that."

"And yeah we’re going to some more reality TV. We’re going to do some stuff for the cooking channel. It’s going to be lighthearted, nothing like True Tori."

"Do some cooking stuff, maybe some travel stuff, stuff with the family but lighthearted and fun. Those days of bearing our souls to the world are over."

We'll believe that when we see it, D.

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