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We’re only two weeks away from the television premiere of the much-hyped Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, which means that Courtney Love is in full-blown promo-mode and she’s talkin’ Kurt to anyone who will listen.

First she talked about sex with Cobain in an interview that was about as uncomfortable as your mom giving you the birds-and-the-bees talk while high as a kite on Afghani black tar heroin. 

After that, Courtney outdid herself by saying that she drove Cobain to commit suicide by being open about her desire to cheat on him. 

But their relationship wasn’t all mind-games and death. No, Love and Cobain made time for old-fashioned sex, drugs and rock & roll, too, and it seems they sometimes recorded themselves engaging in at least two of those activities:

We’ll start with the good news: A never-before-heard recording of Cobain singing The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” appeared online today, and while it’s unlikely to blow your mind, it’s cool in a haunting sort of way:

Kurt Cobain:

Now on to the grimy stuff. Take it away, C-Love:

“Somehow, [filmmaker Brett Morgen] found the sex tape,” Courtney said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Me and Kurt had this one tape and we could never figure out how to work the battery.

“Everyone makes one sex tape in their life, and we did it. I thought, Brett will never find that stuff. But he did.

Look, we all hope we’ll be fondly remembered and talked about 21 years after our passing. However, pretty much none of us hope the world will be told about that time we boned in front of an old-timey camcorder and couldn’t even figure out how to watch the tape.