Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Stretch Marks, Receives Praise on Instagram

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Chrissy Teigen is not exactly the most shy celebrity on the planet.

The wife of John Legend has posed nearly naked in numerous magazines, while also blasting Ariana Grande awhile back and recently talking sex in public.

Yesterday, meanwhile, Teigen posted a photo on Instagram to which many women around the world can relate.

Chrissy Teigen Stretch Marks

"Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!" Teigen captioned a snapshot of herself sitting in a cross-legged position, donning tiny denim shorts with stretch marks on her upper thigh in full display.

Teigen's willingness to admit her physical flaws inspired many of her nearly two million followers to shower the beauty with prase.

"Wow thank you for this, you've have boosted my self-esteem Love you @chrissyteigen #SouthAfrica," wrote one grateful fan on Teigen's Instagram account.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue star has long been an advocate for positive self-images. She once slammed Forever 21 after the company fired her from a campaign for being too "fat."

"I hate you, Forever 21. I hate you so much,” Teigen told DuJour magazine in July 2014. "Honestly, you are the worst."

In recent months, multiple women have gone viral for sharing pictures of their stretch marks online.

Teigen is among the most famous to do so, but Rachel Hollis, a mother of three, posted a picture of herself in a bikini online last month, proudly showing off the aftermath of multiple child births.

More power to her.

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