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Well, there was no truth to last year’s Paris Jackson pregnancy rumors (thankfully), but there’s no denying that the 17-year-old daughter of the King of Pop is all grown up these days.

Paris is commonly regarded as the most down-to-earth of Michael’s three kids, and her new boyfriend is a reflection of her desire for a normal life away from the spotlight.

Paris Jackson, Chester Castellaw Photo

His name is Chester Castellaw, and he’s an 18-year-old semi-pro soccer player.

Chester comes from a wealthy Beverly Hills family, but compared to the literal royalty her brother dates (Prince Michael recently dumped Kuwaiti princess Remi Alfalah), he’s a regular boy-next-door.

There’s no word on how long these two have been dating, but given the amount of turmoil in Paris’ young life, we’re sure her family and friends are thrilled to see her looking so happy and healthy.

In addition to the loss of her father, Paris has dealt with unwanted attention from the press, feuding amongst her aunts and uncles, and bouts of severe depression.

Paris attempted to commit suicide in 2013, and she was briefly hospitalized for psychiatric care.

Hopefully, Chester can serve as the sort of positive, stabilizing influence a girl in Paris’ position needs. If not – hey she’s only 17, and there are plenty of fish in the sea.