Castle Season 7 Episode 21 Recap: The Plane Truth

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Rick Castle and his Alexis Castle attempted to fly the friendly skies on Castle Season 7 Episode 21.

Instead, however, father and daughter were stuck in the homicidal skies, as the murder of an air marshal mid-flight provided the impetus for a rather enjoyable hour of television.

For starters, Rick came off more serious than usual, knowing he had to play the role of protective father along with astute writer of mystery novels.

It was fun watching him work the case without the assistance of anyone at the precinct; and also fun to see Alexis acting as more than an innocent bystander.

She talked with Lanie via Skype to identity the cause of death, for instance, and also dug up the first major clue.

On the ground, meanwhile, Beckett supported her man as best she could. At one point, this meant reassuring Rick that he really can interrogate someone (while that someone was tied up and within earshot).

As you’ll note when you watch Castle online, Beckett was also concerned throughout the ordeal, breathing a giant sigh of relief once she learned the flight landed safely in London.

As for the actual culprit? It was a cabin crew member named Debbie who had lost her pension and then robbed an auction house courier, only to kill the air marshal/bodyguard after he got wise to the crime.

Okay, whatever. A bit odd and random, but who watches Castle for the actual crime-solving? It's how we get there that's the fun part each week.

And you should appreciate it as much as you (even when you need to suspend disbelief about just how well cell phones and the Internet work on trans-Atlantic flights) because there's a decent chance Castle Season 7 is it for this fun series.

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