Bruce Jenner to Diane Sawyer: I Can't Hurt My Family

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ABC has released another teaser for Bruce Jenner: The Interview.

A week after giving us a look at Jenner speaking out for the first time about his rumored sex change (telling Diane Sawyer that my "whole life has been getting me ready for this"), the network has now unveiled a preview that features Bruce going into detail about what matters most:

His family.

"Those are the only ones I'm concerned with," Jenner says of his children in the above footage. "I can't let myself hurt them."

Jenner will sit down with Sawyer this Frida at 9/8c for a wildly-anticipated Q&A.

The biological father of six children and the stepfather of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian, it’s unclear how much support Jenner actually has from his kids.

According to at least one report, Khloe is the only member of the Kardashian clan to truly stand by Bruce through this ordeal.

Sons Brody and Brandon are allegedly on their dad’s side, with Brandon even set to appear on this week’s ABC special.

However, neither Kendall Jenner nor Kylie Jenner will be featured in the Sawyer sit-down.

Speaking to the latest issue of GQ, Kendall said all talk about her father's sex change is "bullsh-t," adding:

"I don’t even know what they’re talking about, so I have no idea."

Does this mean Kendall is in denial? That the sex change isn't actually happenings? Guess we'll need to tune in ti ABC this Friday night to find out.

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