Amy Poehler Debuts New Hair Color: Red All About It!

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Amy Poehler is proving that blondes aren't the only ones who can have fun. 

Turns out Poehler isn't only a hilarious comedian and fierce award show host... she also makes a stunning red head! 

The normally blonde actress debuted her new fiery red hair at the 60th Anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's Howl With Music, Words, and Funny People event.

Amy Poehler New Red Hair

Held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 7, the event featured Poehler taking the stage to crack a few jokes with former SNL cast member Chris Parnell.

Poehler told the crowd, "Now a lot of people don’t know that I love poetry, but I hate rap music."

Parnell replied with, “I love rap music, but I despise poetry." 

She made no mention of her new 'do while on stage, which definitely stood out against her simple black suit and minimal makeup. Poehler's not known for switching up her hair styles or color, so this new look is definitely eye-catching.

Did she do it for a new role? Or just for fun?

Whatever the reason, it's nice to see her take some risks with her look. 

Take a look below to see how other celebrities are changing up their look. 

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