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In their 2015 Golden Globe Awards monologue last night, co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made good on their word and did not hold back on Bill Cosby.

That’s putting it mildly.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Golden Globes Cosby Joke

The comedic tandem went HARD after the disgraced star, not only referencing the rape allegations against Cosby but doing impressions of him in the process.

Countless disturbing rumors have emerged in recent months about the comedian slipping pills to unsuspecting women, who he then sexually assaulted.

Tina and Amy stated that Cosby had finally spoken out about the allegations … by saying in their best Cosby voices that he "put the pills in the people!"

The people, the faux Cosbys noted, "did not want the pills in them."

There were a few shocked faces and "oh my g-d" reactions in the crowd, and the predictable groans, but by and large, the audience seemed to eat it up.

Check out Tina and Amy’s full 2015 Golden Globe Awards intro:

No one can accuse them of wearing kid gloves, that’s for sure.

Somewhere, Phylicia Rashad is appalled and preparing to slam Tina and Amy for "orchestrating" this unscupulous attempt to destroy Bill’s "legacy."

Considering that Cosby has never been convicted or even charged, and vehemently denies the allegations, we’re guessing he was not a big fan either.

What do you think of Amy and Tina, in their second year as co-hosts, deciding to joke about this sensitive person and topic with no holds barred?

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