13 Celebrities Weigh In: Who's Packing How Many Pounds?

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It's probably the most secretive number in Hollywood.

The age at which celebrities lost their virginity? Actually, no. Quite a few stars are just fine talking about this.

We speak of one's weight, that pesky figure that haunts many women (and a surprising number of men) in Tinseltown.

Good luck getting most actresses or singers to admit what they see on the scale every morning... unless those actresses or singers are featured in the following photo gallery.

Appearing on Today yesterday, Bethenny Frankel bucked the typical trend by admitting she can sometimes come across as "too thin."

She then came right out with her weight, revealing it to be 115 pounds.

How does this compare to other similarly-structured famous people? Who else has admitted to the number of pounds he or she is packing?

Click through the above pictures to find out now!

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