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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 15, tempers flared as the ladies tried to reconnect over dinner, but ended up even more at odds.

At least in certain people’s cases. What were the main takeaways from this week?

Well, Apollo Nida finally went off to prison, but not without some final fireworks, and Kenya Moore ended up getting clocked again. By whom this time?!

Let’s break down the latest installment of drama in the dirty, dirty south below:

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When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 15 got underway, Apollo’s wife Phaedra Parks was left picking up the pieces of their broken dream.

And responding to the salacious gossip about Phaedra’s alleged affair.

Quoting Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey told Kenya and Claudia Jordan about Apollo’s claim that Phaedra is banging an African prince named Chocolate.

Cynthia quoted the texts that husband Peter Thomas told her about:

“‘I can’t wait to get off the plantation.’ She’s in love with this guy!”

“Phaedra has had issues telling the truth,” Cynthia recalls. “After all these years, I can’t say that I know Phaedra that well … but I do know her representative.”

Cynthia claimed she outed this rumor because of the hypocrisy seen when Phaedra called Kenya a whore after Apollo lied about their flirty exchange last year.

Moreover, Nene Leakes told Claudia that her “c–t has left her body."

For her part, Parks is unaware this is going on … yet. She is trying to have her home "blessed" with prayer and good will following Apollo Nida’s rampage.

From punching holes in walls to terrorizing Phaedra with a drill in his hand, the father of her two sons did not go quietly in his final hours of freedom.

“He told me he’d burn down the house,” Phaedra recalls to Kandi.

“He punched holes in the walls. I let him see the kids. For 15 minutes, he talked to Ayden. For two hours, he screamed bloody murder and went crazy on me.”

Kenya may soon wish she had the protection of bars and guards.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know there’s no love lost between Kenya and Phaedra anyway. Well, this upped the ante, hard.

Joining Parks for dinner, Cynthia tells Phaedra that Peter and Apollo had talked before Apollo surrendered, and she brought up the Chocolate rumor.

“Don’t tell me what my husband said," Parks snapped at Bailey’s allegations. "Worry about your own. If you didn’t see it for yourself, you can’t believe it.”

Kenya then reiterates that there are “text messages Peter saw, that you sent to Mr. Chocolate … the man you’ve been going around, having an affair with!”

Phaedra then did the natural thing and swung at Kenya with her clutch as none other than Porsha Williams steps in to break up and drag Parks outside.

“You don’t want to know the truth! You go around calling everyone a whore, and you’re the biggest whore here,” Moore taunted Parks, who was unmoved.

“These hens can cluck all they want,” Phaedra says in her confessional. “I’m not afraid to take them to the slaughterhouse and chop their heads off if I need to.”

We expect the clucking to keep on coming next week.